Festivals in Jaipur

About Festivals in Jaipur

Famously called the Pink City, one among The explanations why it attracts many tourists per annum is because of its vibrant heritage culture of Jaipur. Jaipur is legendary for its lively people that bring the town to life by celebrating a variety of fairs and festivals. Rajasthan has different sorts of folk entertainment, customs, and attires which vary from region to region holding faithful the maxim of unity in diversity. People rejoice and revel with great joy keeping alive the age-old traditions within the sort of festivals within the capital city of Rajasthan.

Festivals are the simplest thanks to nourishing the bonds between people coming from different regions, religions, caste, and creed in Jaipur. A number of the famous festivals celebrated with lively merriment in Jaipur are Teej, Diwali, Gangaur, Kite Festival, Elephant Festival, Camel Festival, etc. Originating from old traditions, these festivals and fairs are being rejoiced since ages. The lively colors and therefore the means of merriment during these festivals bind the people with harmony and peace. Crammed with interesting ceremonies, rituals, and awe-inspiring performances, Visiting festivals of Jaipur are one among the simplest activities to try to to in Jaipur.

Rajasthan is home to majestic forts and palaces which play host to the foremost fantastic festivals with cultural celebrations, delicacies and a number of entertaining performances.
The celebrations of festivals in Jaipur have boosted tourism within the state as most of the people come here to rejoice and forget their worries enjoying the lively and joyous events. These merrymaking events have made famous the traditions and customs of Rajasthan on the planet map. Over the past few years, these festivals have taken the shape of grand celebrations becoming the foremost fancy and interesting thing for tourists. The marvelous festivals and places of Jaipur should be on your bucket list if it isn’t now.

The land of Jaipur is usually covered with the colors of fairs and festivals. At the worldwide tourism map, Jaipur is understood because of the city of festivals. These festivals are a melting pot, where people from everywhere on the planet gather to share, exhibit and discuss new ideas, experiences, and art. The festivals also are how to keep the traditions of Rajasthan alive. We gather the favored festivals in Jaipur which will make the trip to the Pink City even more enjoyable.

People rejoice various festivals during the year alongside the exciting and alluring fairs. Every region of Rajasthan has its own sort of folk entertainment, songs, traditions, dressing sense, etc. which shows truth Indian diversity. Also, the people of Rajasthan are documented for his or her warm welcome, delicacies, traditional attires, rituals, culture, etc. regardless of caste and creed, people close and luxuriate in the festivals and fairs held within the state.

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1About Festivals in Jaipur
2List of Top 10 Best Festivals of Jaipur
3 Teej Festival
4Gangaur Fair
5Top 10 Markets to Shop in Jaipur Bazaar
6Elephant Festival
7Kajli Teej Festival
8Sitla Mata Fair
9Jaipur Litrature Festival
9Jaipur International Film Festival
9 The International Kite Festival

List of Top 10 Best Festivals in Jaipur

Teej Festival

Teej is one of the foremost celebrated festivals in Jaipur. The Teej festival is an important festival for married women. They pray for his or her husbands and for his or her married lives. Single women pray for a perfect husband. This festival is celebrated for the holy union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
According to Hindu grantha, Parvati is an incarnate of Lord Shiva’s first wife, Sati. The idol of Festival Teej Mata is decked up with intricately-woven clothes and ethnic jewelry . The celebration also sees many people Folk dances and traditional songs being conducted here.

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Gangaur Fair

Gangaur Festival in Jaipur

Gangaur Far is one of the foremost colorful festivals celebrated within the Capital city of Jaipur. The festival may be a celebration of the onset of spring, alongside the harvesting period of the farmers which means the month is March to April.
The festival, which is a few hundred years old, is additionally a celebration of marital fidelity. This festival is marked by the worshipping of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri by carving out beautiful clay idols of Gods and Goddesses. Women pray for the welfare and safety of their husbands. the only girls, on the other hand, pray to urge the person of their dreams. During this festival, clay idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri are carved out.

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Elephant Festival

elephant rides in jaipur

The Elephant festival in February and March also marks a crucial occasion in Jaipur per annum. This truly amazing festival is persisted the complete moon day of ‘Phalgun Purnima.’ Elephant polo and elephant dances are the highlights of this festival. These majestic creatures represent Rajasthan’s regal heritage. Elephants were painted and processions were conducted, along with side games like tug of war, played by the elephants.
However, since 2012, these activities have been banned to safeguard the animals.
Beautiful bedecked elephants are taken call at processions altogether their glory, wearing vibrant colors, anklets, and decorated saddle cloth, and colorful ‘gulaal’ or colored powder is sprinkled from atop the elephants.
Amongst the festivals of Jaipur, this festival is a sight for you to behold because the processions follow the elephants. there’s also a tug-of-war between the elephants and therefore the men and ladies and there’s no telling who can win this competition between man and beast!

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Kajli Teej Festival

kajli teej Jaipur

One of the foremost popular festivals of Jaipur is Kajli Teej which is widely known everywhere in Rajasthan with great fervor. The festival may be a vibrant celebration of rural Rajasthani culture. The festival begins with the procession of goddess Teej in an ornamented palanquin and includes decorated elephants, camels, performers, musicians, and other people in colorful attires. There are impressive performances by various artists and lots of cultural programs are organized for the entertainment of the people. People decked up within their colorful attires come from different places to take part in the spectacular festivities. For married couples, the festival holds special significance and reflects the rich culture of the place.
The festival showcases the colorful rural culture of Rajasthan and celebrates it with gaiety to revive marital ties. There are local fairs, bazaars, etc held across the town where different artisans come to sell their brilliant handicrafts. Kajli Teej resembles an enormous carnival of sorts with the merriment lasting till every week. Rajasthanis are known for his or her bright colors and resplendent costumes.
The month of celebration: it’s almost a month-long event beginning with the monsoon season of July and ending in August.

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Donkey Fair

Donkey Fair and Festival Jaipur

During mid-October, many traders and farmers flock to the annual donkey fair, believed to be Asia’s largest, in Rajasthan. Looneywas is the palace where the fair gathers per annum. it’s just 20 km far away from Jaipur.

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Sitla Mata Fair


The Sheetla Mata fair may be a pilgrimage to appease the Shitla Mata. the assumption in this area of Rajasthan is that the deity if not pleased causes a littlepox epidemic. The deity Sheetla Mata Fair is represented by a red stone.
Held on Sheetla Ashtami day within the month of Chaitra, i.e. March or April per annum, the fair in Jaipur is sort of big, attended by nearly one lakh people. the present time at the situation of the fair, Seel-Ki-Doongri in Jaipur Rajasthan is believed to have been erected by Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur.
Sheetla Mata may be a Puranic goddess. The word ‘Sheetla’ comes from Sheetal meaning calm. the assumption is that Sheetla Mata appears within the sort of smallpox to calm the sufferer after he had been afflicted with a high fever.
A cattle fair also comes up at an equivalent time and therefore the atmosphere is that of a picnic. Rajasthani folk attend this in large numbers with their camels and beautifully decorated bullock carts. Trade is administered in clothes, shoes, food items, utensils, and agricultural implements.
Lasting for every week, bullocks, horses, and camels are traded at the fair, and awards are given to the simplest breeders.

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Jaipur Literature Festival 2020


The Jaipur Literature Festival is one of the most important literary festivals that permits you to interact with a mixture of renowned writers, thinkers, leaders, entertainers, and eminent personalities from around the world. This prominent literary festival is held in January per annum within the pink city of India-Jaipur. in January per annum within the pink city of India-Jaipur. With a modest beginning in 2006, JLF as it is proudly called, today witnesses around 1 lakh people attend annually in its five days event.

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Jaipur International Film Festival 2020
Jaipur International Film Festival

The purpose of this Jaipur International Film Festival is to promote newer movie makers, and exchange of data, information, ideas & culture between India & other nations within the context of their social and cultural ethos. JIFF also promotes friendship and cooperation among people of the planet through the medium of films & documentaries.

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The International Kite Festival
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The International Kite Festival, in Jaipur, is one of the most- attended festivals by People in Jaipur Rajasthan. the foremost colorful festival of Jaipur Rajasthan Which provides unlimited fun and frolic. This festival is widely known on the 14th of January per annum, the day of Makar Sankranti. the recognition of the International Kite Festival in Jaipur is such that it attracts kite fliers from different parts of the country. The joys and excitement linger in the air and everybody is enchanted. Join the joyous mood of Jaipur and celebrate the pleasure of flying kites on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.

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