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Bengali Restaurants in Jaipur is not only popular because it is convenient, inexpensive, and good tastes but also because of different varieties that are available in this. Jaipur is also serving a range of Bengali Restaurant in Jaipur. This is often made with cheaper ingredients such as fish, high-fat meat, refined grains, and added sugar and fats. It has more nutritious ingredients such as fish, Rice, Sweets, fresh fruits, mishti doi, and vegetables. Bengali food is also high in Protin and Vitamin. Protein and Vitamin are used as a preservative and makes food more flavorful and satisfying.

List of Bengali foods in Jaipur Restaurants

  1. Shukto
  2. Jhal muri
  3. Mishti Doi
  4. Potoler Dorma
  5. Fish and Rice
  6. Macher Kalia
  7. Kadam Kheer
  8. Sandeash
  9. Dimer Dhokkar Dalna and Luchi
  10. Bhapaa Aloo
  11. Chingri Malai Curry
  12. Sorsebata Ilish Mach
  13. Bengali Lamb Curry
  14. Doi Maach
  15. Baigun Bhajja
  16. Patishapta
  17. Sandesh
  18. Chor Chori
  19. Bengali Style Chana Dal

There is no lack of good Bengali food available in Jaipur. If you are a Bengali food foodie then there are a lot of options in Jaipur Rajasthan.
We all love Bengali Food, and everyone does so. Hence, we have listed for the best Bengali Food Restaurants in Jaipur that serve the most authentic & the top-notch Bengali Restaurant in Jaipur. Here your journey begins with a fascinating cuisine journey, You explore what Bengali Foods cooks within the kitchens of land- Rajasthan.

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