List of Top 11 Best Night Clubs in Jaipur

A Late night clubs in Jaipur is a place to wipe out your tiredness and freshen your mind. The city of Jaipur is known for the golden history of its kings. But along with its history, civilization, culture, and heritage, the city of Jaipur holds its place in this modern world as well. In such a situation, the nightclub built in Jaipur city is its beauty and the center of attraction for the people there.

When tourists are tired after seeing the unique and beautiful forts and temples of Jaipur throughout the day, then the best nightclubs in Jaipur will be the best place to reduce fatigue for them and also the best place for a night out in Jaipur. There are such nightclubs here in Jaipur city, where all the tension and work worries go away. Booking of these nightclubs in Jaipur has to be done in advance.

There are nightclubs in Jaipur where weekends are often packed with people.
If today you are tired of wandering the temples and forts of Jaipur, then today you give a virtual tour of Jaipur’s nightclub. When you come here, you will get detailed information about famous nightclubs in Jaipur where thousands of people go to parties.

Without wasting your significant time, you visit a list of night clubs in Jaipur.

List of Best Night clubs in Jaipur

(1) House of People is the best night clubs in Jaipur:

House of People

House of People is one of the favorite nightclubs of the residents of Jaipur. This nightclub is in Hotel Las Vegas. Indoor and outdoor facilities are available for seating here. Live sports and music performances are also offered on screen for entertainment here. Music performance takes place in the alfresco area and live sports are shown in the indoor section. It serves delicious continental dishes as well as alcoholic beverages. The facility of valet parking is also offered to the customers here.

  1. Cost for Two: Rs.1500 for two people
  2. Address of House of People: A1, Sehkar Marg, Bais Godam, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006
Opening and Closing Time of House Of People – Best Night Clubs in Jaipur
Monday7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Tuesday7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Wednesday7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Thursday7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Friday7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Saturday7:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sunday7:00 pm – 2:00 am

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(2) Playboy Club:

Playboy Club

The Playboy Club is one of the most visited youth clubs in Jaipur city. A live match for entertainment is also screened here. There is also a smoking area. It has the facility of outdoor seating. The club is almost always booked here to celebrate the party. There is also a separate dance floor for dancing here. DJ and live band facilities are also provided here. Small kids are not allowed inside. Playboy Club is a fully airconditioned and attractive nightclub in Jaipur.

Playboy Club serves tasty veg and non-veg continental dishes to its customers. Mouthwatering dishes such as pizza, breaded fish fillets, dynamite maki, spicy sake maki, and classic California flavors are frequented by people. Many people come here every day to taste the Italian food, North Indian, and Mexican food Texmax. Along with these dishes, alcoholic beverages are also served to customers. There is no buffet facility here.

People coming here do not need to take parking tension as Playboy Club has arranged valet parking for its customers. A Wi-Fi facility is provided here so that you can enjoy fast internet. Recommendation Disses

Try Pizza, Breaded Fish Fillets the most at Playboy Club

Opening and Closing Time of PlayBoy Night Clubs in Jaipur

Monday5 pm – 2 am
Tuesday5 pm – 2 am
Wednesday5 pm – 2 am
Thursday5 pm – 2 am
Friday5 pm – 2 am
Saturday5 pm – 2 am
Sunday5 pm – 2 am

(3) G Club:

g club nightlife in jaipur

G Club is a great destination for youngsters to freshen up their minds. People come here and relieve their fatigue. The Music system here takes away all the concerns and takes the people coming here to a different world of ecstasy. This place is best for a small party. The G Club is always booked here for birthday parties, stage events, and social gatherings. Keeping in mind the entertainment of the customers, arrangements for live entertainment and a dance floor have also been made.

Refreshment is also required with entertainment. The club serves a variety of delicious continental, Mexican, and finger food as well as Chinese, Indian, and Italian food to the customers. Customers can order veg and non-veg food as per their wish. G Club also provides private dining facilities. After all, liquor and alcoholic beverages are also served here. Different types of people come here, in whose convenience a separate smoking area has also been made in G Club.

Keeping in mind the problem of parking, the facility of valet parking is given to the people who come here. There is also wifi to take advantage of fast internet. Pa system is also provided here to fulfill your order immediately. Here, to overcome the problem of cash shortage, there is a facility for cash payment as well as payment through credit card.

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Opening and Closing Time of G Club Jaipur – Best Night Clubs in Jaipur

Saturday9 pm–4 am
Wednesday9 pm–1 am
Thursday9 pm–4 am

(4) Club Trove:

House of People

Club Trove Nightclub attracts a lot of people in Jaipur city. Complete entertainment has been arranged to spend a memorable night here. In Club Trove you can enjoy the dance floor along with living music. Rooftop seating is placed here to enjoy the beauty of the night. Wheelchair seating service is also provided to the visitors for a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. It has facilities for indoor as well as outdoor seating. Club Trove also offers live sports screenings to entertain its customers.

Entertainment is always enjoyable with refreshments. In such a situation, an attempt has been made to better arrange to dine for those visiting Club Trove nightclub. A variety of delicious Indian, Italian, Continental, and multi-cuisine food is made here. Here Momos, Pizza, Mocktails, Achari Paneer Tikka, Vegetarian, and Gravy Momo taste is made available to the customers here. Club Trove also serves alcoholic drinks to its customers and also has a separate bar with a wide variety of drinks. This nightclub also provides a separate smoking area for its visitors.

Club Trove services do not end here; WiFi for fast internet, valet parking for parking and card, and cash payment facilities are available to eliminate payment problems.

Opening and Closing Time of Club Trove Nightclub

Monday12 pm–4 am
Tuesday12 pm–4 am
Wednesday12 pm–4 am
Thursday12 pm–4 am
Friday12 pm–4 am
Saturday12 pm–4 am
Sunday12 pm–4 am

(5) Blackout Night club in Jaipur:

Blackout Club Jaipur

Blackout nightclub is one of the most attractive clubs for the youth of Jaipur city. Those who have to spend beautiful memorable nights turn to blackouts. The rooftop features blackout nightclubs to experience the bliss here. There is a live music performance here. The blackout nightclub does not allow kids here. The story of Blackout’s entertainment does not end here, there is also a live screening of the match. Entertainment is always incomplete without refreshments.

The refreshment of blackout is as attractive as the entertainment here. Here the Mind-Blowing Taste of Western, Italian, Continental, and North Indian food is served to the blackout attendees. Alcohol is also served here. There is also a separate smoking area for smokers. Blackout serves wedges and non-veg to its visitors. People here like Chicken Achari Tikka, Paneer Achari Tikka. The story of the Blackout refreshment ends by moving to the Desert. Here in the Desert Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Custard, Chocolate Mud Cake, Gulab Jamun, and Rabri complete the meal.

Along with all these facilities, cash and card have been arranged for payment here. In the blackout nightclub, you also have to arrange for wallet parking.

Opening and Closing Time of Blackout

Monday6 pm–2 am
Tuesday6 pm–2 am
Wednesday6 pm–2 am
Thursday6 pm–4 am
Friday6 pm–2 am
Saturday6 pm–4 am
Sunday6 pm–2 am

Address:- D38A, 8th & 9th Floor, Golden Oak Hotel, Landmark Building, Ashok Marg, Ahinsa Cir, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 30200

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(6) WTF:

WTF Jaipur

WTF is one of the most attractive and beautiful nightclubs in the city of Jaipur. WTF is a fully air-conditioned nightclub best for the celebration of birthdays and group parties. Like other nightclubs, there is live music and live sports screenings for entertainment here. The WTF does not allow children. To further promote the joy here, the wallpaper of the stadium on one side makes the people happier. There is also an attractive dance floor along with a DJ. It has indoor seating to enjoy live entertainment with food.

Now if it is for dinner after entertainment, then WTF’s name is not behind that. This nightclub also provides restaurant facilities to its customers. WTF serve their customers veg and non-veg meals as per their choice. Paneer Tikka, Pizza, Honey Chilli Potatoes, and Oreo Shake are well-liked by the people visiting here. The WTF also serves alcoholic drinks to its visitors. Hyderabadi Chicken and Hyderabadi Biryani are in great demand here. It provides a separate smoking area for its visiting smokers.
After all these facilities, it also provides valet parking. It gives the facility of the card as well as a cash payment to the customers visiting there.

Address:- C-44, Man Upasana Plaza, Sardar Patel Rd, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Opening and Closing Time of WTF


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(7) F Bar and Lounge:

F Bar and Lounge

The F Bar and Lounge is known for its live DJ and lives music performances. The night spent here is one of the most memorable nights of my life. The F Bar is a fully air-conditioned bar that is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays and other group parties. Keeping your entertainment in mind, a live sports screening is done here. There is an outdoor seating arrangement where you can enjoy under the sky.

When it comes to dining in a nightclub, the name of the F bar and lounge definitely comes up. The cuisine here is found with a variety of delicious dishes like kebabs, Chinese, Continental, and North Indian. Both veg and non-veg food are available in the F bar and lounge. People often come here to have an attractive taste of Paneer Tikka, Veg Platter, Appletini, Cocktails, and Nachos. A separate smoking area is provided for smokers here. The facility of candlelight dinner has also been provided here to further promote enjoyment. Alcoholic beverages are also best served to wine lovers.

Wallet parking is available here so that everyone will find parking convenient. Here the noise level is moderate and the ambiance remains trendy.

Address: 5th floor, Hotel Golden Tulip, MI Road, Opposite GPO, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Phone: 0141 426 8730

Opening and Closing Time of WTF


(8) #BC comes in the Best night clubs in Jaipur:

BC Jaipur

BC Nightclub is the most popular night club in Jaipur. Kids are not allowed inside #BC. The staff here is very friendly. #BC has indoor seating. BC is known for its attractive interiors. People come here with their friends to make their moments memorable and the couple’s night is beautiful after coming here. Entertainment facilities are provided here like live music performances, and live sports screenings.

Now you have come here, so taste the refreshment of #BC. #BC has always served its customers better food. It is a multicuisine nightclub. Both veg and non-veg varieties are served here. The Paneer aapki pasand here is well-liked by the people. Here alcoholic beverages are also served in the bar and a variety of array of alcohol drinks are served to the customers. #BC provides a separate smoking area to its visitors so that no one has any problem with smokers.

Along with cash, the card for payment is also accepted here so that no one has any problem during payment. #BC provides valet parking to its customers.

Address: AC – 4C Traditional Heritage Haveli, Gayatri Marg, Sawai Jai Singh Hwy, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302016
Phone: 073000 60055

Opening and Closing Time of #BC


(9) Zarza:

Zarza club Jaipur

Zarza is a nightclub that is a center of attraction for youth. After coming here people forget all their sorrows and worries. Here in Zarza, people always remember the night spent outdoors with their loved ones. It has facilities outdoors as well as indoors. Zarza’s indoor seating is fully air-conditioned. There is a live music performance as well as a screening of the live match for customer entertainment. Customers are welcomed here in formal attire. Zarza does not allow kids here.

Now we give you a virtual taste of Zarza’s refreshments here. Zarza is a multicuisine nightclub. Here both veg and non-veg dishes are ordered by people according to their requirements. People love Tandoori Mushroom, and Chilli Chicken very much, and come to taste them from time to time. Alcoholic beverages are also served here and different types of drinks are available in different flavors. A separate smoking area has been made here, making good arrangements for the smokers.
Parking is also available at Jaraja. Zarza’s indoor seating is fully air-conditioned.

Address: 9th Floor, Dreamax Plaza, opposite Parivahan Bhawan, Jyothi Nagar, Bais Godam, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007
Phone: 072300 65590

Opening and Closing Times of Zarza

Monday8 pm–2 am
Tuesday8 pm–2 am
Wednesday8 pm–2 am
Thursday8 pm–2 am
Friday8 pm–2 am
Saturday8 pm–2 am
Sunday8 pm–2 am

(10) 100% Rock comes in Best night clubs in Jaipur:

100% Rock Jaipur

Permanently closed

It is a long estab100% Rock, as the name suggests, is the night rocking of the people who come here. There is enough space on the terrace to celebrate the party, which is a perfect place. Kids are also allowed inside here. 100% Rock is an air-conditioned nightclub. It has interior and exterior seating facilities. There is also a live screening of the match. The dance floor here adds to the entertainment here. People come here to make their night rocking.

Now if we talk about the refreshment of 100% rock, then the rock is also making its way. The refreshment here refreshes the mind and satisfies the mind. 100% Rock is a multicuisine nightclub. It serves both veg and non-veg varieties. A buffet facility is not available here. People here love pizza and crispy konjee lamb. Rock provides a separate smoking area for its smokers. 100% Rock also serves alcoholic beverages.
To pay here, the card is also accepted along with cash. There is also a facility for wallet parking so that you do not have any parking problems.

Address: Hotel Shikha, R-14, Yudhister Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Phone: +918003601234

(11) Scorpion A Pub City comes in the Best night clubs in Jaipur:

Scorpion A Pub City

Scorpion- A Pub City is a cool and attractive nightclub like its name. People who come here once must come to repeat the night spent here. Pub City is a fully air-conditioned nightclub. Couples can also go with their kids here. Pub City features live screenings of the match for entertainment. Live music is also hosted here. Pub City has an indoor as well as an outdoor facility for you to sit and enjoy under the sky.

Entertainment remains a bit incomplete without refreshments, which is well understood by the Scorpion- A Pub City and has provided excellent food to its visitors. Pub City is a multicuisine nightclub where visitors can enjoy both veg and non-veg food. Here Honey Chilli Potato and Chilli Potato are loved by the most visited people. The buffet facility is not available here. There is a separate smoking area for smokers who come here.

A variety of alcoholic drinks for alcohol lovers are available in various flavors here. Keeping in mind the payment here, the card is also accepted along with the cash. The pub city has valet parking for visitors.

Address: 6TH FLOOR, SUNNY PARADISE, Tonk Rd, near KAMAL AND COMPANY, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

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FAQ on Night Clubs in Jaipur

Q1. Does any age limit for night clubs in Jaipur?

Most night clubs in Jaipur allow people who are 20 and older.

Q2. Is the dress code to be followed in Night Clubs in Jaipur?

Yes, Night Clubs in Jaipur usually have a dress code for their guests. It is best to inquire about the nightclub you wish to visit again and again.

Q3. Should I Pre-book a spot for a night clubs in Jaipur?

No, It is not necessary to pre-book a spot for a night clubs in Jaipur, but it is suggested that you wait for the weekend.

Q4. What is the entry fee to Night Clubs in Jaipur?

Some Night Clubs in Jaipur often charge entry fees as a cover charge. They ask you for about Rs. The cover may be charged. 15,00 or more

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