Blackout Jaipur – entry fee, menu, contact number, reviews etc


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Blackout Club Jaipur
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Blackout Jaipur – entry fee, menu, contact number, reviews etc

Blackout Jaipur is a popular club in Jaipur, it is located in C Scheme. Here you will find the bar, smoking area, music, indoor seating, and dance floor. Here 2 people may have to pay up to 2500 rupees. In Blackout Jaipur, you can pay your money only through Cash and Cards.

Blackout Jaipur Timings

Saturday6 pm–4 am
Sunday6 pm–2 am
Monday6 pm–2 am
Tuesday6 pm–2 am
Wednesday6 pm–2 am
Thursday6 pm–4 am
Friday6 pm–4 am

Blackout Jaipur Menu

If you are searching for the Blackout Jaipur menu then you come to the right place below we have provided the whole menu with the price.

Lets Start MunchiesPrice
Gol Gappa Shots
the combination of tangy sweet chutney with potato, chickpeas, and green & red masala colour water
Rs 115
Chana Jor Garam
chana jor garam the classic mumbai street food
Rs 175
Masala Fries With Sour Cream
french fries dusted with Indian spices
Rs 175
Peanut Masala
peanut mix with onion, tomato green chili and Indian spices a perfect desi accompaniment
Rs 175
Potato Chilli Samosa With Honey Chilli ChutneyRs 195
Onion Bhajiya With Garlic Mint RaitaRs 215
Tadka MaggiRs 215
Desi Bruschetta
italain delicacy with indian twist try out this in house varation
Rs 215
Cheese Chilli Vol Au Vent
lette fruits stuffed with mix cheese, bell pepper, onion, green chilli, and spices
Rs 215
Cheese Brust Puffs
cheese mixed with veggies, onion, green chili, and spices
Rs 225
Multi Cusine Platter
soya chaap fries, paneer bhurji tacos, go pita mushroom cheese brust
Rs 515
Tandoori Sizzle Platter
dahi ka kabab, veg kurkuri, paneer tikka, soya galauti kabab
Rs 515
Ghee Roast Soya
soya cubes, cooked with onion, tomato, raosted chilli, manglorean masala and served with papad
Rs 259
Masala Paneer Bhurji With Cilantro Tacos
indian style paneer bhurji stuffed into tacos with cheese go indi mexicano
Rs 259
Roasted Garlic Cheese Bread
mouth the buttering cheese garlic bread with a blend of spices
Rs 259
Honey Chilli Potato With Sesame
crispy potatoes tossed with dry red chilli and honey
Rs 285
Molten Corn Soya Chaap Fries
soya mix, onion, green chilli, cilantro and Indian spice filling with cheese
Rs 285
Fully Loaded Nachos
crispy tortilla chips tossed with tender kidney beans, melted Mexican kdiney beans, melted mexican cheese, and tomato and jalapeno
Rs 285
65 Cottage Cheese Pita Pocket
grilled feta pocket & stuffed with masala seasoning, onion, and bell pepper & served with hummus
Rs 315
Veg Kurkuri
roomali roti, stuffed with mixed cheese, green chilli, indian spices and crispy golden fry veggies
Rs 325
Mushroom Cheese Burst
fried mushroom stuffed with fresh green chilli, and cheese and served with spicy sauce
Rs 335
Tandoori Paneer TikkaRs 345
Dahi Ke Kabab
mung curd fried kabab with a golden finish
Rs 315
Soya Galauti Kabab With Mango Chutney
lakhwani melt-in-mouth kabab made with soya
Rs 345
Mutter Cottage Cheese Sukka
served with papad
Rs 345
Classic Chilli PaneerRs 345
Black Out Special CannelloniRs 345
Chilli Chicken With Samosa With Wasabi MayoRs 225
Bbq Chicken Brischetta With Cheese Cilantro LeavesRs 285
Chicken Ghee Roast With Roasted PapadRs 365
Chicken Wings
kipam apart spiced wings with ice cold coffee celery and sour cream
Rs 365
Arabic Chicken Falafel With HummusRs 365
Classic Chilli ChickenRs 365
Andhra Anna Chilli ChickenRs 375
Tandoori Murgh
an overnight marination in traditional spices
Rs 399
Nawabhi Chicken Tikka
with green and tomato chutney
Rs 395
Chicken Malai Tikka
tender chicken cubes marinated in yoghurt & cashew nut apste and cooked in tandoor
Rs 395
Multicuisine Platter
chicken wings, Arabic chicken falafel, zaater fish finger, pita pocket
Rs 649
Tandoori Sizzler Platter
mutton seekh kabab, chicken tikka, s rson wati macchi malai tiaka
Rs 649
Crispy Zatar Fish Finger With Wasabi Mayo
fish finger with a tangy middle casjern spice bread
Rs 399
Machhi Amritsari With Mango Mayo ChutneyRs 399
Blackout Special Cannelloni
this one needs no description though you may ask your server
Rs 379
Sarson Wali Macchi With House ChutneyRs 449
Tadka MaggiRs 259
Roasted Garlic Cheesy BreadRs 449
Lakhnawi Galuti Kabab With Masala Onion & ChutneyRs 459
Bhatti Ka Murg With Burhani Raita And Chur Chur NaanRs 489
Tawa Mutton With Roasted PapadRs 489
Mutton Seekh KababRs 489
Fully Loaded Nachos
crispy tortilla chips tossed with tender chicken melted mexican cheese, diced tomato, jalapeno
Rs 329
Cottage Cheese 65 Pita Pocket
grilled pita pocket with 65 masala seasoning onion bell pepper & served with hummus
Rs 369
Tomato Shorba With Finger Garlic Bread
domestic indulgence of pure tomato only cef choice
Rs 125
Aaj Ka Kuch Bhi Soup
soup of the day ask your served about what remarkable connection the chef has cooked up today
Rs 225
Chicken Clear Soup
wholesome & hearthy cleansing chicken soup with the goodness of garlic, onion and black pepper
Rs 175
Aaj Ka Kuchi Bhi Soup Non Veg
soup of the day ask your served about what remarkable connection the chef has cooked up today
Rs 225
Dilli Wali Chatpati Chaat Salad
connection of chickpeas, pomegranate, potato cilantro, lemon juice & homemade tangy spice
Rs 285
Pulled Caesar Salad
futted with lots of croutons and shaved farmesan, the veg can substitute with broccoli mushroom and sun-dried tomato
Rs 285
Greek Roast Pita Salad
chunky dices of spring vegetable in lemon oregano olive oil dressing with homemade feta cheese
Rs 285
Dilli Wali Chatpati Chaat Salad Non Veg
connection of chickpeas, pomegranate, potato cilantro, lemon juice & homemade tangy spice
Rs 348
Pulled Caesar Salad Non Veg
futted chicken with lots of croutons and shaved farmesan, the veg can substitute with broccoli mushroom and sun-dried tomato
Rs 349
Greek Roast Pita Brad Salad Non-Veg
chunky dices of spring vegetable in lemon oregano olive oil dressing with homemade feta cheese
Rs 348
Chilli CheeseRs 265
Paneer BhurjiRs 265
Veg Siu MaiRs 265
spinach, leek, onion & garlic
Rs 265
Non Veg
Chicken Siu MaiRs 349
Chicken SukkaRs 349
Rara GoshtRs 349
Jerk ChickenRs 349
The Blackout Wood Fried Moroccan Pizzas Veg
fresh basil and mozzarella are simple fresh and addictive
Rs 399
Harvest Pizza
this veggie delight is topped with mushroom belt pepper, tomato, olives & onion
Rs 399
Kadai Paneer Pizza
as the name says
Rs 399
Pizza Mexican
onion, mushroom, corn & jalapeno
Rs 399
Hawa Hawaiian
fien apple, spicy paneer and onion
Rs 429
Cheese Pizza
our very specail assorted cheese pizza with belt pepper, jalapeno & paprika
Rs 449
Chatkara Paneer Pizza
paneer marinated in yellow chilli and other Indian spices, onion, fresh green chilli, cilantro roots
Rs 449
Chicken Makhani Pizza
fusion and all ti,e favourite chicken makhani into a pizza
Rs 455
Black Out Meat Lovers
chickpea, moroccan lamb, smoked chicken, pulled lamb, pickled chilli and fresh basil
Rs 455
Chicken Chatkara Pizza
chicken tikka marinated in yellow chillies and other Indian spices, onion, fresh green chilli, cilantro roots
Rs 469
Jerk Chicken Pizza
jerk marianted chicken, onion, jalaepno and roast garlic469
Rs 469
Chicken Tikka Pizza
indian chicken tikka, onion, fresh cilantro leaves469
Rs 469
Mutton Lababdar Pizza
fusion of all time favourite indian albabdar pulled mutton
Rs 499
Lakhnawi Galauti Pizza
lakhnawi delicay with morracon feet
Rs 499
Sapghetti Aglio Olio Peperoncino
slow fried garlic fresh chillies, parsley extra vrigin olive oil
Rs 399
Dal Makhani Pasta
fusion of the all time favourite dal makhani with italian pasta
Rs 399
Penne Arrabiata
ask your server for white sauce option
Rs 399
Lamb Cannelloni
canneloni sheets with minced lamb & tomato sauce
Rs 499
Fusilli Chicken Peri PeriRs 465
Snadiwch Buns N Burger
Bombay Vada PavRs 229
Thai Grilled Sandwich VegRs 259
Hummus Falafel BurgerRs 229
Grilled Pulled Jerk SandwichRs 259
Grilled Spinach & Corn SandwichRs 289
Grilled Vegetable Cheese BurgerRs 289
Jerk Cottage Cheese BunRs 289
Blackout Aloo Tuk BurgerRs 289
Thai Grilled Sandwich Non VegRs 289
Juicy Lucy Burger
classic lamb mince burger soft center of melted cheese, onion, tomato, gherkin lettuce
Rs 499
Rara Lamb BurgerRs 499
Grilled Pulled Jerk Sandwich Non VegRs 289
Pulled Rogan Josh BunRs 329
Butter Chicken Filled BunRs 329
Bang Bang Chicken BurgerRs 349
Morrocon Chicken BurgerRs 349
Main Course Veg
Dal Tadka
yellow lentils cooked with herbs and spices tempered with cumin seeds and garlic
Rs 259
Blackout Dal Makhani
whole black lentils simmered on charcoal with spices cooked in a mildly spiced tomato puree and butter
Rs 299
Lehsuni Aloo Palak
a mildy spiced, garlic flavoured creamy spinach puree
Rs 299
Thai Green Curry Tajine
green veggies in Thai green curry coconut milk, served with basil rice
Rs 299
Subz Khada MasalaRs 329
Motia Plaak LazeezRs 349
Kadai Paneer
cubes of cottage cheese cooked in a traditional iron wait, tossed with green peppers, freshly cooked crushed spices in a tomato gravy
Rs 375
Chatpata Paneer PasandaRs 375
Tandoori Paneer LasagneRs 349
Spinach Stuffed Cottage Cheese
garlic basil, marianted cottage cheese with grilled vegetables and mushroom pepper sauce
Rs 399
Hummus Quesadilla
served with salsa & gucamaote
Rs 399
Tandoori Paneer Lasagne With Garlic Bread
enjoy our specail alsagne that as to surprise you by its sheet presence generous in portion and wholesome in flavour this one is a must-have on our menu
Rs 399
Jaipuri Kadai Barje Ki Roti
lative to rajashtan
Rs 399
Paneer LababdarRs 399
Butter Bombsoft kofta balls with molten butter at the core in a mildly special gravyRs 399
Malai Kofta CurryRs 399
Navratan KormaRs 399
Main Course Non-Veg
Baked Egg CurryRs 289
Thai Chicken Curry Tajine
thai herbs and diced chicken cooked in red curry pato & coconut milk served with steamed rice
Rs 349
Grilled Chicken Breast In Peri Peri Sauce
chicken breast cooked in a spicy Teri Teri creamy sauce served with mashed cheese, potato & sauteed vegetable
Rs 449
Chicken Tikka Masala Globally
succelent pieces of tandoori chicken tikak infused with green peppers and chillies in a rich tomato gravy449
Rs 449
Butter Chicken Roasted & Pulled
shredded tandoori pulled chicken cooked in rich herb butter flavoured tomato gravy
Rs 449
Desi Ghee Chicken CurryRs 449
Mutton Sukka Pepper Fry With Chur Chur ParathaRs 489
Morrocon Lamb & Chickpea Tajine, Cumin RiceRs 489
Grilled Fish With Lemon Caper Sauce
served with house mash, lemon caper sauce and saute vegetable
Rs 449
Tandoori Chicken Lasagne With Garlic Bread
enjoy our specail lasagne that is pure to surprise you by its sheet presence generous in portion and wholesome in flavour this one is a must have out menu
Rs 449
Goan Fish Curry, Cumin RiceRs 449
Murg Mutton Lababdar
boneless mutton & chicken with aromatic spices in mild onion gravy
Rs 499
Mutton Rogan Josh
a traditional north Indian mutton curry flavoured with Rogan a spice-infused it
Rs 499
Rajasthani Laal Mass
a fresh meat curry from Rajasthan cooked with red chillies in desi ghee served with lassi and masala onion
Rs 499
Rice & Biryani
Chansai Chowk Ka Pulav
aromatic long grain basmati rice tempered with roasted cumin seeds, butter, vegetable & caramelized onion
Rs 499
Chettinad Veg Biryani
saffron infused aromatic long grain basmati rice and lightly spiced sauteed mixed vegetable layered and cooked on low heat
Rs 349
Steamed Rice
a prized rice from Indian steamed and served fresh
Rs 199
Mutton Dum Biryani
marinated lamb with rice cooked by the dum process
Rs 499
Tandoori Bread
Tandoori RotiRs 29
Hari Mirch Ki RotiRs 35
Lal Mirch Ka ParathaRs 39
Masala Aloo Pyaaz KulchaRs 45
Masala Onion KulchaRs 55
Plain NaanRs 55
Butter NaanRs 69
Garlic NaanRs 69
Chur Chur ParathaRs 79
Kashmiri NaanRs 79
Keema KulchaRs 79
Deep Fried 5 Star Hot Choco Fudge & Vanilla Ice CreamRs 215
Parle G Rabri Cheese CakeRs 215
Gulab Jamun With RabriRs 215
Chocolate Mud CakeRs 215
Caramel CustardRs 215

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Features at Blackout Jaipur

  • Delivery
  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeaway
  • Booking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Сredit cards accepted
  • TV

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