About Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar: menu, price, timing

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About Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar: menu, price, timing
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About Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar: menu, price, timing

Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar is one of the very favorite Choupati where very tasty dishes are served at the outlets. Like Mansarover choupati and Masala Chowk, there is a huge crowd of street food lovers every day. The mere thought of the delectable delicacies here makes the mouth water. There are a large number of outlets here in choupati, whose food made here always attracts customers towards them.

An evening spent with street food at Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar is extremely enjoyable. There are about 28 outlets serving the local delicacies of Rajasthan including North Indian, and South Indian. People often go here to spend the evening time with friends and loved ones and taste the delicacies again and again. The daily crowd that comes here tells that the fast food found at these shops is very tasty.

Address: Pratap Enclave, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303906

Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar Entry Fees

The entry fee at Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar is only Rs.10. And when you go inside it and take something to eat, it will cost separately.

Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar menu

Main CourseHalfFull
Dal fry140260
Dal Tadka150270
Dal makhani180350
Aloo Pyaj160250
Aloo Tamater160250
Aloo Matter160250
Aloo jeera160250
Aloo Palak160250
Aloo Chola160250
Bhindi fry160250
BhindiMasala (Spicy)170260
Sav Tamater160250
Malai kopta180350
Dhai fry120200
Channa Masala160250
Mix veg.170250
Sahi Panner240450
Khoya panner220420
Matter Panner220420
Panner doo pyaj220420
Aloo pyaj panner240450
Palak panner220420
Khadai panner220420
Malai paneer220420
Panner Butter Masala240450
Plain rice80150
Jeera rice90160
Veg. phulao100190
Mix veg phulao120220
Veg Biryani150280
Mix veg biryani180350


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Tawa roti16
Tawa Butter Roti20
Plain Paratha50
Aloo paratha100
Aloo pyaj paratha120
Aloo paneer paratha150
AlooGobhi paratha140
Gobhi paratha130
Mulli paratha120
Paneer Paratha140
Pyaj Paneer Paratha150
Hot Coffee100
Mineral Water60
Cold Drinks(750 ml)
Sada Papad40
Fry Papad60
Masala Papad80
Masala Fry Papad100
Methi Lassi120
Sada Raita120
Bundi Raita150
Veg. Raita180
Thali Special
Normal Thali-

(Dal Fry + Rice + 4 Tawa Roti + Salad + Raita)

Mix Veg. Thali-

(Dal Tadka + Jeera Rice + 4 Butter Tawa Roti + Salad + Mix Veg + Raita)

Exclusive Veg. Thali-

(Dal Makhani + Jeera Rice + 4 Butter Tawa Roti + Paneer Butter Masala Salad + Sweet + Raita)



List of food outlets at Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar

If you are searching for list of outlets at Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar then you comes at right place below we have provided all the list of 28 outlets.

  1. Red Peppers
  2. Rama Krishna Paratha
  3. The Taste Of South
  4. Teekha Swad
  5. Hare Krishna Jain Food
  6. Temptations
  7. Milk Bar
  8. Bajrang Juice And Ice Cream
  9. Brijwasi Faluda Ice Cream
  10. Coffee @ Statue Circle
  11. Ananda Prada
  12. Shri Ganga South Indian
  13. K-tali Pizza Pasta
  14. Tiwari Chaat Bhandar
  15. Radhe Krishna Chaat
  16. Samrat
  17. Bombay Chaupatty
  18. Kalkatta Chat Bhandar
  19. G 9 Ice Cream & Shake 19
  20. J.Oberoi Sweets
  21. Narayan Ji Gazak Wale
  22. Rajasthan Dhaba
  23. J.M.D Bakers & Fast Food
  24. Bhavya Govindam
  25. Sam’s Kitchen
  26. Tikka Jaipuri
  27. The Capital Grill
  28. Narayan Egg Corner

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Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar Timings

If you are searching for whole week timings of Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar. Then below we have provided.

Sunday11 am–11 pm
Monday11 am–11 pm
Tuesday11 am–11 pm
Wednesday11 am–11 pm
Thursday11 am–11 pm
Friday11 am–11 pm
Saturday11 am–11 pm

Best time to visit Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar

The opening time of shops in Jaipur Chowpatty Pratap Nagar is 9 am and the closing time of all shops is 11 pm. Your timing must be right to enjoy the experience of Jaipur Chowpatty Pratap Nagar. It is overcrowded so make sure you plan your trip apart from weekends to avoid it. We highly recommend visiting Jaipur Chowpatty during day time or evening.

Features at Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar

  • Breakfast
  • Delivery Only
  • No Seating Available

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About Jaipur Chaupati Pratap Nagar: menu, price, timing 0 reviews

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