Jaipur Literature Festival 2020-2021

All about Jaipur Literature Festival 2020

For a country too often related to poverty and bad news, the annual Jaipur literature festival may be a matter of national pride. Not only because it’s officially the world’s largest such gathering festival, but also because it’s earned its place on the worldwide literary map, even with a significant reading public still emerging in India.
Where else within the world you hear Weijian Shan, author of Out of the Gobi, recall his childhood during the China’s Cultural Revolution, when Mao urged students to beat their teachers to death? Or find out how the late correspondent Marie Colvin had to drink Colonel Gaddafi’s guards under the table so as to secure an interview with him? Or hear biographer Benjamin Moser mention Susan Sontag’s lifelong shame at being gay?
Where else, in between absorbing such literary joys, could you eat a masala dosa within the dappled sunlight under an old banyan watching a soft breeze make the colored bunting dance over the lawns of the Diggi Palace?
Last year, half 1,000,000 people came to Jaipur for the five-day event, prompting co-founder and historian William Dalrymple to mention at Thursday’s opening: “At a time of when people saying they love for the literature is dying, we are proof that it isn’t.”
The festival’s organizers invariably achieve a tremendous line-up: among those participating, this year are Nobelist Abhijit Banerjee, Howard Jacobson, Paul Muldoon, Simon Schama, Leila Slimani, Shashi Tharoor, Nicholas Coleridge, Forrest Gander, Asne Seierstadand Lemn Sisssay.
The organizers have also highlighted the little-known or neglected areas of the literature – books by Dalits and by an Indian woman, regional writing, poetry – providing a platform that simply wasn’t available before. That the high-profile literary agents attend only makes it more meaningful.
It has become fashionable to knock the festival for being ruined by its own success. a number of the gripes are understandable. The teeming crowds, particularly at weekends, have made for scenes you would possibly see on an Indian train platform. The determination to be democratic and permit anyone to return certain free has proved problematic – if only from a security perspective.
Some feel commercialism has gradually crept in, with too many stalls selling merchandise, others complain of writers being corralled faraway from the multitude in their lounges once they had once mingled and eaten among the crowds. within the queues for delicious masala chai served in clay cups, visitors had been ready to chat with famous authors. Vikram Seth was once spotted sitting on the bottom because there was no free seat.
The commercialization continues. Stalls selling trinkets and garments now begin on the road that results in Diggi Palace, instead of inside the venue. The crowds are as big as ever. While weekdays are very pleasant, at the weekend the place turns into a literary version of the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage: the swarming crowds are such your feet don’t touch the bottom as you’re carried along. The intimacy of the first years has gone; the festival is now a very titanic affair.
But whatever barbs are thrown at the event, it remains the best literary show on Earth. In five days there are quite 200 sessions, authors from 20 countries and literature in additional than 25 languages.
It’s only too rare that India does an occasion well, never mind an occasion marked on the international cultural calendar. Jaipur is superbly organized, with excellently curated music and a warm, good-natured atmosphere.
“The festival has carved out an area for itself within the world. most are in awe of it,” said Rajasthan’s chief minister Ashok Gehlot in the week.
People from everywhere the planet converge on the event – “I can’t deal with the remainder of the year until I’ve had my Jaipur fix,” one person was overheard to remark – and its freshness is not any doubt an element. Like serious reading itself among the Indian public, it’s a piece ongoing. Homes within the country rarely contain books, and a volume that sells 8,000 copies is considered a bestseller. the foremost popular genre remains the self-help book.
That’s why there’s none of the jaded cynicism or “seen it all” ennui of western literary audiences. People here are eager and enthusiastic. Indians, particularly in small towns, are starved of culture and long for knowledge and concepts. So prestigious is that the Jaipur “brand” that it’s inspired literary festivals in cities and even small towns everywhere India, from Kerala within the south to Nainital within the north.
Of course, the nouveau riche from the city of Delhi also come to Jaipur “to be seen” at a highbrow event and win some intellectual brownie points. They talk loudly, eat, drink, take selfies, and head home without attending one session.
It is also the annual haunt of young men from Jaipur, who happen in leather jackets with slicked-back hair, showing off their girlfriends (or hoping to seek out one). And, of course, for several other local people, it’s an opportunity to people-watch and rub shoulders with the elite and maybe even glimpse a Bollywood star.
But does any of this matter once you are comfortably seated inside one among the colorful tents, the effulgence of the sun making the colors glow, taking note of the best of minds? No. It’s simply magic.

Timings of Jaipur Literature Festival(JLF)

The timing of Jaipur Litrature Festival is 6 AM – 9 PM (approx).

Jaipur Literature Festival(JLF) Entry fee

There is no Entry fee for The Jaipur Litrature festival.

Venue, Date and Duration of the Jaipur Literature Festival 2021

Venu:- Diggi House, Shivaji Marg, Sawai Ram Singh Rd, C Scheme, Jaipur

Date of Jaipur Litrature Festival: 2021 Jaipur Literature Festival will begin on Thursday, 28 January and ends on Monday, 1 February

Duration of Jaipur Litrature Festival: 3-4 days

Things to try in Jaipur Literature Festival 2020-21

Here’s what all you’ll do at this eagerly awaited fiesta to require a plunge into the ocean of data and wisdom, and even have some fun while you are doing that!

(1) Listen To The Speakers

This is the simplest chance you’ll get to satisfy the brightest and most creative minds within the literary world. It’ll be a buffet of data and you’ll literally grab it from any stage, stall, or room you enter at the Diggi Palace on these four days. make sure you retain the Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 schedule handy. otherwise, you’re getting to miss your favorite writer or celebrity share their secrets of success with the planet. With various big names within the industry speaking at different venues at an equivalent time, it’ll be hard catching up.

The speakers of JFL 2020 haven’t been announced yet. But allow us to tell you a number of the previous ones that attended it to urge you all excited about the upcoming one: Nobelist J.M. Coetzee; Man Booker lottery winner Ian McEwan; Sahitya Akademi winner Girish Karnad; Gulzar; Javed Akhtar; M.T. Vasudevan Nair; Amish Tripathi; Vikram Seth; Amartya Sen; Amitabh Bachchan; Irrfan Khan; Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; Oprah Winfrey, and lots of more.

(2) Participate In Various Contests

In order to interact with young minds and allow them to test their skills and creativity, the Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 has various contests and competitions lined up. you’ll participate in any of the subsequent contests and win exciting prizes at the fest:
Blogging Contest
Essay Writing Contest
Quiz Contest

If not these, you’ll even be a neighborhood of the Youth Outreach program where you get to satisfy like-minded individuals and share ideas. confirm you enroll in any (or all) of those contests at the time doing all of your Jaipur Literature Festival registration in order that you’ll ensure yourself a spot in these competitions and don’t get overlooked.

(3) Tune Into the Some Classical Melodies Songs

Other than the books and literary celebs, you will even be surrounded by soul-soothing serious music at the JLF. The noteworthy of the performances by the massive names within the music industry of different places, you sure wouldn’t want to miss the musical evenings at the Jaipur Literature Festival in Jaipur. The lineup hasn’t yet been announced, but the word has it it’s getting to be irresistible! Love music? Head to JLF 2020!

(4) Admire The Beautiful Decor of Jaipur Litrature

This seasonal sweet is that the trademark of the Teej festival. The disc-shaped porous delicacy made with all-purpose flour soaked in syrup comes in many forms and varieties. As soon because the monsoon begins, you’ll the local sweet shops selling Ghewars like hot cakes. Your visit to Jaipur during the Teej festival 2020 is going to be incomplete without savoring this delicious Rajasthani dessert.

You Must Try these Sweets When you Are in Jaipur

(5) About The Pink City

Well, it’s not a day that you simply visit Jaipur to be a neighborhood of the Jaipur Lit Fest, is it? Why not take this chance to explore a touch a little bit of this beautiful city as well! From Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, to Chokhi Dhani, there’s such a lot to ascertain and neutralize this city for first-timers also as those making a comeback. aside from these, you’ll be shopping at the varied cultural markets, eat delicious ‘pyaaz kachoris’ at a roadside stall, watch a movie or two at the Raj Mandir, or take a camel ride near Jal Mahal. There’s without stopping to what you’ll do here to urge a taste of Rajasthan’s rich culture and heritage.

Hotels To Stay Near Jaipur Literature Festival 2020

Here are some good accommodation options near the Jaipur Literature Festival in your budget options that you can stay at for a comfortable holiday in Jaipur:-

(1) Hotel Savoy

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Address: Near Bank Of India, MI Road, Panch Batti, Sangram Colony, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
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Starting price: INR 967/-

(2) Fortune Select Metropolitan

This lavish hotel property is found right opposite Jaipur’s Nehru Sahkar Bhawan. This hotel is known for a luxurious hotel in Jaipur, Fortune Select Metropolitan will pamper you endlessly with royal facilities sort of a rooftop swimming bath, spa, sauna, free parking, fitness center, hire car, cafe, restaurant, and 24-hour currency exchange. The Hotel is situated approx 800 meters from the town center and three km from Jaipur railroad station. The spacious rooms overlooking the gorgeous city are equipped with all modern amenities.

Address: 22 Godam Cir, Durgadas Colony, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, 302001
Google rating: 4.3
Starting price: INR 3,405/-

FAQs on Jaipur Litrature Festival in Jaipur

Ques1. Why is Jaipur Litrature Festival (JLF) celebrated?

Ans. Jaipur Literature Festival aims to bring writers, literary experts, humanists, thinkers, politicians, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, and therefore the greatest animators within the world on one platform. Jaipur Literature Festival platform allows them to exchange there ideas and brainstorm over them, learn from experts and participate in serious dialogues and debates.

Ques2. What are Jaipur Literature’s special programs known for?

Ans. 1. Being attentive to The Celebrated Speakers
2. Being a neighborhood of varied Contests
3. Tuning Into Some Classical Melodies
4. Its amazing and delightful Decor

Ques3. What is the accommodation near Jaipur Litrature Festival (JLF) granted in?

Ans. Here are the some of the hotels options to stay near Jaipur lit fest:
1. Hotel Savoy
2. Fortune Select Metropolitan

Ques4. Which type of Programs are held in the Jaipur Literature Festival?

Ans. Essay Writing Contest, Blogging Contest, Melodies Songs and Quiz Contest, etc.

Ques5. What is the importance of Jaipur Literature?

Ans.  Inviting bookworms, bibliophiles and literary giants from around the world under one roof. It won’t fail to call Jaipur Literature Festival is that the “Greatest Literary Show on Earth”. The show is held annually in Jaipur.

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