Donkey Fair and Festival in Jaipur​

About Donkey Fair and Festival in Jaipur​

During mid-October many traders and farmers flock the annual Donkey Fair and Festival in Jaipur​, believed to be Asia’s largest, in Rajasthan. Looneywas is the palace where the fair gathers per annum. it’s just 20 km far away from Jaipur.

Most of the deals are struck between traders, who sell the donkeys further to washermen, potters, and construction workers to be used as load carriers. Thousands of donkeys from everywhere north India are brought here for purchasing and selling. The donkey races and different sports are organized for the merriment people. this is often a must-visit fair for a rare sight indeed.

Besides the donkeys, recently camels and horses have also been added to the shopping list with many visitors even feeling that the horses are fast establishing a dominant position within the 500-year old fair’s donkey tradition.

This is an annual celebration that’s famous among tourists due to its uniqueness. Numerous travelers visit this fair just out of curiosity. it’s just a good that’s conducted for trading donkeys. this is often a 500-year-old tradition that’s almost like the camel fair of Pushkar. The fair takes place during a small village, Looniyabaas that’s just 20 km far away from Jaipur.

Donkey Fair and Festival in Jaipur​ is celebrated in the joy of winning the war

  • The fair is said to have been started 500 years ago by turtles. At that time, the tortoises defeated Chandra Meena in a battle and in that happiness the tortoises started it.
  • This fair is held in the village for fifty years on the land of Khalkani Mata.
  • Earlier, more than 25 thousand donkeys used to come to this fair, but with time this number has reduced. Now only 5 thousand donkeys come to the fair.

Donkey race is for entertainment in Jaipur

In this fair, there is a race of donkeys and horses for the entertainment of the people. There are many programs to make the fair interesting.

  • The donkeys in the fair are bathed with soap. Not only this, many types of designs are made on his body. The donkeys are decorated with garlands of flowers.

Many breed asses come to the fair

In this unique fair of Rajasthan, donkeys of Kathiawadi breed are very beautiful in appearance.

  • At the same time, Malani and Sanchori donkeys are breeds that are very strong. These donkeys are in good demand.
  • The cost of donkeys coming to the fair ranges from 500 rupees to 2 thousand rupees.

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