Lenovo service center in jaipur Info – Timing, Address, Phone Number

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Lenovo service center in jaipur Info – Timing, Address, Phone Number

Over time, like each different device, a laptop computer might undergo some minor or major problems. within the portable computer market, Lenovo is a brand having worldwide acclaim. There are Lenovo licensed service centers to repair and maintain this brand's laptops. several of the portable computer service centers have progressive checks and repair equipment to determine the basis reason behind the problem faced. There are Lenovo service centers giving repairs or replacements for common hardware issues that embody hinge repair, screen repair, motherboard repair, keyboard repair, no display, nonfunctional CD/DVD drives or warming issues. Most of those centers use experienced and skillful technical professionals to attend to the technical issues. Ordinarily, these service suppliers provide the repair and maintenance of laptops and computers belonging to people likewise as corporates. to search out one from an extensive list of service providers giving portable computer Repair & Services – Lenovo Jaipur simply scroll up the page.

List of Authorised Lenovo Service Center in Jaipur with Area, Phone Number,  Address and Timing


(1) Tech Solutions - New Sanganer Road

Address of Lenovo Service Center:
Plot no- 7A, Tejaji Marg, Opp Metro Pillar 120, New Sanganer Road, Near Sodala, Jaipur
Area Name :Sanganer Road
City :Jaipur
State :Rajasthan
Phone :8094468888; 9602530000; 9636530000;
Email :[email protected]
Products Serviced in this Lenovo Service Center:
Working Hours :Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Sunday: Holiday


Address of Lenovo Service Center:
102, Shivam Apartment, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302023
Area Name :Vidhyadhar Nagar
City :Jaipur
State :Rajasthan
Phone : 7665968888; 9828410345;
Email :[email protected]
Products Serviced in this Lenovo Service Center:
Working Hours :Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Sunday: Holiday

(3) Hcl Lenovo Service Center – Jaipur

Address of Lenovo Service Center:
Lenovo Exclusive, First Floor, Sunny Paradise, Tonk Road, Near Gopalpura Flyover, Jaipur1St Floor Jaipur, Rajasthan-302001
Area Name :Tonk Road
City :Jaipur
State :Rajasthan
Phone :0141-2711878, 9772043185
Email :[email protected]
Products Serviced in this Lenovo Service Center:
Working Hours :Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Sunday: Holiday

Lenovo Service Center in Jaipur For Laptop/PC

(4) Regenersis Shree Krishna Computers Jaipur– Jaipur

Address of Lenovo Service Center:
Shop No: 308, 309, 3Rd Floor Sliver Square Mall Bhagwant Das Road C-Scheme Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302001
Area Name :C-Scheme
City :Jaipur
State :Rajasthan
Phone :7340060228
Email :[email protected], [email protected]
Products Serviced in this Lenovo Service Center:
Think Series, idea / Lenovo Series
Working Hours :Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Sunday: Holiday

How will JaipurChalo facilitate in selecting the simplest Lenovo laptop computer Repair & Services Center nearby you?

You can search portable computer Repair Services Lenovo in Jaipur on the premise of your location, popularity, ratings & reviews on JaipurChalo. to induce the simplest offers from business listed with JaipurChalol.

The Lenovo portable computer Repair and Services in Jaipur provide the best care for Your laptop computer

Whether for work or for recreation, the requirement for a well functioning portable computer classifies as a giant necessity. you wish to figure on files, create displays, send emails, stream movies and music, look online and tons additional. {one of|one among|one during all|one amongst|one in every of} the various major advantages of getting a portable computer is that you just don't seem to be forced to sit down in a single place and work. they're transportable and with the assistance of their in-built battery, will be transported and carried from one place to a different. For those that are perpetually on the move, laptop's influence is essential as they'll carry all the significant files they have to even once on the go. once your portable computer begins giving you issues, it will get problematic. {you area unit|you're} unable to do your work swimmingly and neither are you able to get your fair proportion of amusement with none disturbance.

What are the various varieties of issues that you just face along with your laptop?

Like any alternative electronic item, your portable computer to goes through wear and tear. This depreciation is what generally causes the portable computer to stop functioning. These are a number of the foremost common issues faced by portable computer owners when a precise amount of using the device.

1. heating –

This can be one amongst the foremost common problems faced. This usually happens once your storage space is near to being entirely full and this causes tons of pressure on the processor. another excuse for your portable computer to heat up is as a result of the air vents are blocked by a closed surface. once your portable computer is functioning, the machine tends to heat up and therefore the in-built fan must push out the recent air and cool it down. however, if the vent is blocked, there's no method the recent air will be unfettered, therefore inflicting the machine to heat up. If there's more dust on the fan or the vents too, it will cause your system to heat and in several cases shut the system down entirely.

2. Running slow –

There are several reasons for your portable computer to run slowly. one amongst the explanations for this to happen is that you just have less quantity of disc space. another excuse for your portable computer to perform slowly is that you just have tons of temporary files, there area unit too several programs running on pop out or if you have got a corrupted or fragmented disk drive. whereas a number of these issues like too several open tabs and windows being left open will be solved by you, the others want attention from specialists like Lenovo laptops and services in Jaipur.

3. Blank screen –

several of you will have faced a problem like this within the past. If you switch on your portable computer and you hear the sound of the fan however see nothing on your screen, then there's an opening that you just have a broken motherboard or something wrong with memory. once addressing either of those problems, resorting to professionals is that the best way to set about the matter, particularly if your data concerning laptops is restricted.

How much do the Jaipur Lenovo portable computer repair and Service centers charge?

Depending on what the matter is with the portable computer, the service centers charge you consequently. they need a service fee and if there's a desire to vary any specific a part of the portable computer, then there's an additional charge to purchase the part. Below are the approximate and indicative rates of what the fees are for various issues.

  1. Computer Hardware Health health check - Routine Visit – Rs. 500
  2. Laptop decision (Normal decision - E.g Application Installation / Driver Problem) – Rs. 400
  3. Laptop call (Reinstallation operative System) – Rs. 800
  4. Full Laptop Service (Preventive Maintenance) (Overheating) – Rs. 1200
  5. Laptop Hardware Troubleshooting (No show / Dead portable computer / Motherboard Issue) (Minimum Charges) – Rs. 3200
  6. Laptop LCD Screen Replacement (15.4 wxga,14.1wxga, 14xga -15xga, 13.3 LED)- Rs. 5200.00 / 7200.00
  7. Laptop LCD Swapping Charges - Rs. 500.00
  8. Laptop LCD inverter (Dim Display)- Rs. 1800.00
  9. Laptop LCD Cable - Rs. 2500.00 / forwards
  10. Laptop DVD Replacement - Rs. 2450.00
  11. Laptop Motherboard Replacement - Rs. 10500.00 / forwards
  12. Laptop AC Adapter Power Jack (Motherboard Side)- Rs. 1800.00 / forwards
  13. Laptop Keyboards - Rs. 1800.00 / forwards
  14. Laptop Keyboard Swapping Charges - Rs. 400.00
  15. Laptop Hinges - Rs. 2500.00 / forwards
  16. Laptop Body Fabrication - Rs. 2800.00 / forwards

Are you trying to search out Lenovo services Center near to you?

Centers giving Lenovo portable computer repair and services Jaipur has will be found simply right here on JaipurChalo. notice the closest one and find the simplest skilled help once facing problems along with your portable computer. The technicians are well trained and specialized in taking care of almost every and each model from the brand.

Frequently Asked question on Lenovo Service Center near me in Jaipur

1. From Lenovo service centers in Jaipur engineers set the wireless network and assembles the laptop?

Yes, they're acquainted with all ISP (Internet Service Providers). they're going to assist you with Wi-Fi configuration and networking.

2. Do they supply replacement service just in case of a broken portable computer screen?

Yes, the broken screen is replaced with another original Lenovo portable computer screen.

3. Do portable computer repair centers in Jaipur give service warranty?

Most of them give a limited period guarantee on the repair and repair work conducted.

4. am I able to extend the service warranty provided by the Lenovo portable computer repair center?

This depends on the various service center. Please inquire with them for the supply of this feature.

5. what's the common repair duration?

This depends on the difficulty at hand. Most of the repairs are completed inside 3-5 business days.

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