Porter Jaipur – address, timing, rate, phone number etc

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Porter Jaipur – address, timing, rate, phone number etc

Porter is India’s Largest Marketplace for Intra-city Logistics. It helps companies with last-mile delivery. Porter also provides multiple support solutions such as on-demand transportation, real-time visibility, and supply chain management and has helped businesses improve efficiency & save on logistics costs.
With the recent expansion in product offering Porter now has relevant offerings for the B2B & B2C audience. The split of various offerings (w.r.t to demand) is as follows :

1. 2W & LCV (On Demand) - Real-time booking of Porter vehicles to transport & deliver goods to end consumers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, shop owners, etc.

2. Porter For Enterprise - Porter helps businesses by providing them with logistics solutions on a different engagement basis. If a customer fulfills certain criteria, you can opt for Porter For Enterprise and book any Porter vehicle to solve your logistics requirements.

3. Packers & Movers - Porter has always been a hot favorite among DIY house shifters for convenience & super economical pricing. With the launch of the Packers & Movers service Porter now has a full suite of solutions to meet the requirements of B2C customers


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