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Jain Fast Food

Jain Fast Food in Jaipur is a pocket-friendly restaurant which is situated in one in all the best locations in Jaipur, Jain Fast Food in Jaipur is among the top restaurant if you wish to try some delicious fast food within the Jaipur city. Burger, Pizza, Chowmein, Lassi/shake is often found here. From lower class to executive class and a lot of, they need one thing for all varieties of appetite.

  • Must-try these Food of Jain Fast Food:  Burger, Pizza, Chowmein.
  • Cost for Two People at Thali and More: ₹ 250 (approx.)

1. What are the Top Dishes People Order at Jain Fast Food?

Burger, Pizza, Chowmein, Lassi/shake is the top dishes which is ordered by people.

2. What other things did People like here?

Courteous Staff, Friendly Staff, Prompt Service, Decor, .

3. What is the Average Cost of two People?

₹250 for two people (approx.) and Exclusive taxes and charges may apply.

4. What are the different modes of Payments are accepted here?

Only Cash are accepted here.

5. What is the other Information about Restaurant?

Here you can some more facilities like - Home Delivery, Vegetarian Only, Outdoor Seating, Streat food, Vegetarian Only and Indoor Seating.


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