Amer Fort of Jaipur History, Facts, Timings, Address, Entry Fee

amer fort of jaipur

Amer Fort, also known as Amber Fort, is one of the most liked and visited forts by most tourists in India. In 2013, Amer Fort was included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. The crazy tourists from abroad get surprised by seeing the grandeur of this fort, located near Jaipur city of Rajasthan. Tourists visiting Jaipur, feel somewhat incomplete without seeing the Amber Fort. Located 13 km from the city of Jaipur, people find this distance to see the beauty of this fort.

History Of Amer Fort of Jaipur

The beautiful Amer Fort was built by Maharaja Man Singh I in 1952. It was renovated by Raja Jai ​​Singh. Since the formation of this fort, it has been a historical heritage of the nation of India. This Amber fort was once the residence of the royal family of Jaipur state, it is at that time when Amer city was used to be the capital of Jaipur state. This fort is so beautiful and attractive that more than 5000 tourists come here every day to see its divinity.

The architecture of (Amber Fort) Amer Fort of Jaipur

The secret of the beauty of the Amer Fort is its series of carvings, labyrinth paths, and series of gates. The Diwan-e-Khas here, which is one of the main buildings of the Amber Fort, has a great desire for many tourists to see it. The walls inside this Diwan-e-Khas are covered by mirrors and glass imported from Belgium, hence it is also known as Sheesh Mahal. In the rear of the fort, there was a place for women. There were many rooms where Maharaj used to keep their queens and used to visit them from time to time according to his wish.

There is a way to go from Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort which goes through Ganesh Pol. Tourists who come here also go via Ganesh Pol or Golf Cart. This Ganesh Pol was built by Raja Jai ​​Singh.

Amer fort of Jaipur Timings

Public visiting hours for the fort is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 8am-5:30pm and 6:30pm-9:15pm

Entry Fee of Amer Fort of Jaipur

The ticket cost is 50 for Indians and 250 for foreign tourists. On the other hand, if we talk about composite tickets, 150 have been issued for Indians and 500 for foreigners. The validity of a composite ticket is 2 days in which Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, Isarlat, Albert Hall Museum, Sisodia Rani Garden and Vidyadhar Garden can be enjoyed.

There is a slight difference in the night’s entry charge in Amer Fort. At night, 200 is charged for foreigners and 100 for Indians. A special discount is also given for the students and there is no ticket fee for children below 7 years of age.
Tickets can be purchased both online and offline. The ticket counter for offline tickets is found at Jaleb Chowk across Suraj Pol. If you want to buy tickets offline then you leave your home an hour before the scheduled time. Online tickets can be purchased from the website.

Amer Fort Light and Sound Show

The light and sound show depicts the glorious and mighty history of the kings who built this divine and wonderful Amer Fort. When the show starts at night, the entire fort takes a bath with bright lights. The show depicts the ways of living and ruling the kings there. The story narrated here is inspiring which is told in the beautiful voice of Amitabh Bachchan and it is composed of Gulzar himself.
It is equipped with a high-quality sound system that provides better peace of mind. To enjoy this show you will need a ticket which can be purchased for 100 from the ticket counter.

The songs of the light and sound show have been composed by legendary singers Shubh Mangal and Sultan Khan. The show is performed in both Hindi and English languages. This show increases the enjoyment of the visitors visiting Amber Fort manifold. Therefore visitors are recommended to enjoy the light and sound show.

Things to Do at Amer Fort of Jaipur

Amer Fort is known for its beauty as well as its divinity. That is why it is one of the most visited forts of India by tourists. There are various types of entertainment available along with roaming here. Such as Elephant Riding, Night View from Hill, Museum Visit, Puppet Show, Dance Program, Temple Visit, Dining Experience, and other entertainment resources.

(1). Elephant Ride-on Amer fort of Jaipur

The elephant ride is the most entertaining moment inside the palace. The elephant ride consists of traveling from the car park to Jaleb Chowk. Two people can ride on one elephant at a time. It costs 1200 for an Elephant ride. The elephant ride time is from 7 am to 11 am. Elephants were also available to ride in the afternoon but to give them more rest, this time was set to rest in 2017. Many tourists abstain from riding elephants for the welfare of elephants, but still, there is a huge demand for elephant rides due to which the facility of advance booking is not provided.

(2). Dance Show at Amer Fort of Jaipur

The daily evening dance show is well-liked by the people. This program of a dance show is held daily in the Sukh Mahal of Amer Fort. A Rajasthani dance is performed here if you want to enjoy it, then you have to book tickets from the ticket counter.

(3). Puppet Show Experience at Amer Fort of Jaipur

The joy of the Puppet Show enhances the enjoyment and entertainment in dinning. This dance and puppet show is very pleasing to the tourist’s heart. The Puppet Show is very fun and engaging which is quite crowded to watch.

(4). Experience of Dinner at Amer Fort of Jaipur

There are multicuisine restaurants within the fort. Where delicious dishes are served to the tourists. Delicious dishes like Dal Baati and Gatta sabzi are served at the customers’ order here.

(5). Temple Visit Experience at Amer Fort of Jaipur

The beauty and faith of temples attract Hindus from time immemorial. In such a situation, such abundance temples have been established within the fort by the kings there. The temple of Shiladevi is the most famous among them which is situated within the fort. Sheela Devi Temple. Shila Devi temple was built by Raja Mansingh.

Best Time to Visit Amer Fort of Jaipur

The heat and cold in Jaipur are at its peak, in such a situation, JaipurChalo recommends the time from September to March to visit Amer Fort. The best time to visit Amer Fort is from 7 pm to 9 pm so that you can enjoy the light and sound show as well as the dinner there.

Hotels near Amer fort of Jaipur

Ongoing anywhere, the biggest problem is with the accommodation there. In such a situation, it is necessary to make good arrangements to stay there before going anywhere. To make you free from this kind of problem, here are the names of different types of hotels, along with the distance of the hotel from Amber Fort. So that you can arrange a better stay along with visiting Jaipur. Below is the list of hotels near Amer fort in Jaipur within 5km.

  1. Hathi Mauja (3.2 km from Amer Fort)
  2. The Jai Bagh Palace (0.4 km from Amer Fort)
  3. Trident Jaipur (3.3 km from Amer Fort)
  4. KK Royal Hotel at Amer (1.2 km from Amer Fort)
  5. Hostel Bagpack Village (4.3 km from Amer Fort)
  6. Kawa Guest House (1.8 km from Amer Fort)

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Restaurants near Amer fort of Jaipur

The joy of visiting Amber Fort increases, even more, when the system of refreshments is better and tastier. In such a situation, here is the list of restaurants serving excellent and delicious food around Amber Fort. Along with the names of these restaurants, the distance between them from the Amber Fort is also given, so that you can choose the restaurant according to your convenience. All these restaurants provide good and tasty food in your budget. Here is a list of the names of all the restaurants below.

  1. 1135 AD (0.2 km from Amer Fort)
  2. Cafe Nescafe (0.2 km from Amer Fort)
  3. Kokum Bistro (0.3 km from Amer Fort)
  4. The Stag Rooftop Restro, Cafe & Lounge (0.3 km from Amer Fort)
  5. Royal Amer Restaurant (02 km from Amer Fort)
  6. A2A Cafe & Kitchen (0.3 km from Amer Fort)
  7. Chokha Amer Restaurant (0.5 km from Amer Fort)

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Attraction near Amer fort of Jaipur

When we visit a tourist place somewhere, it is our endeavor to visit as many as possible in a short time. In such a situation, the names of tourist places around Amer Fort are given here and their distance from Amber Fort is also given. You can choose the name of the tourist places near Amer Fort which is your choice.

  1. Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) (3 min from Amer Fort)
  2. Amer Fort (2 min from Amer Fort)
  3. Elefriend (6 min from Amer Fort)
  4. Elefantastic (1.7 km from Amer Fort)
  5. EleSafari (1.7 km from Amer Fort)
  6. Elefanjoy (3.5 km from Amer Fort)
  7. Elejungle (2.8 km from Amer Fort)

Tips For Amer Fort Visitors

  1. If you are fond of Elephant Ride, then you leave for Amber Fort early in the morning.
  2. It takes 2-3 hours to visit Amer Fort, so do your planning keeping in mind the time period.
  3. The restaurant located in Amer Fort is delicious to the visitors there. But eating here is a bit expensive.
  4. You must see the light and sound show of Amer Fort

How To Reach Amer Fort of Jaipur (Amber Fort)

If the distance between Jaipur airport to Amber Fort is decided by bus then it takes 1.5 hours and is the cheapest medium. If you travel by cab, then this distance can be covered in just 20 minutes.

Amer fort images

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Location of Amer Fort of Jaipur

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