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Elephant Rides in Jaipur or Amer Elephant Safari:

Jaipur welcomes you with the giant but kind animal ‘INDIAN ELEPHANT.’ Symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hinduism. You will get to know the life of an Indian elephant, what they eat and drink, riding, feeding, washing and painting them. This is a place where you can do everything in one place with us. Moreover, elephants are treated very well here.

The place is located at the foothills of the Aravali Range in Amber Tehsil of Jaipur District. You will get an elephant, horse and camel safaris in the jungle using their beautiful home and camp as base as well as getting the guests to interact with the local farmers in the village. Please visit this place to make the best memories from India. You can enjoy the elephant ride in India here to create another level of friendship with animals.
The Elephant Festival begins with a beautiful procession of different animals and folk dancers. At this festival, you can watch bedecked elephants, camels and horses. This is the place where owners proudly embellish their elephants with vibrant colors, jhools, and heavy jewelry. While you will see female elephants wearing anklets, which tinkle as they walk. You will be able to see Parade of painted elephants at Jaipur Elephant Festival.

The Elephant Festival is a memorable event held in Jaipur annually. In this function, elephants that are groomed flawlessly are allowed to walk before an enthralled audience. A row of elephants move with poise in the pageant, run races, play the regal game of polo and finally participate in the spring festival of Holi. This festival held at Jaipur Chaugan Stadium where elephants put up a variety program and the arena comes alive with musicians and dancers.

If you are visiting Jaipur then one of the highlights to the stunning Amer Fort is the chance to ride an elephant up the hill to the main entrance. Elephants are wonderful animals that are decorated with traditional painted patterns and effortlessly transport visitors up the steep slope to the fort. You will get a fantastic experience. To guarantee a ride, you must arrive early and make yourself safe from suffering from touts and haggling.

This elephant ride costs Rs 1.000 for two people that take approximately 20-30 minutes. These rates are fixed by the Jaipur government so be aware from touts who try to sell more expensive pre-booked rides are simply conning visitors. During the tourist season, el their quote of rides by 11:00 am. As there is such demand for the rides there is no chance of haggling the price down.

The Jaipur government ensures that the animals are healthy and performs routine inspections. Things are still not perfect, as herders can be aggressive towards the elephants and do hit them, while the hot summer weather is also punishing for the animals. The attitude with the animals in India is not the same, as in the western countries and certain visitors may be disgusted by the treatment.

In Amer fort, there are approximately 80 elephants who carry up 900 visitors per day. Nowadays the government has been limited to the total number of journeys. There have been restrictions on each and every elephant that they will carry only 4 rides in a day.

EleJungle Elephant rides in jaipur And Restaurant

EleJungle has served happiness to many people by providing services and rides of Elephants. They provide different types of services like Elephants Riding, painting, washing, feeding, etc. You can enjoy the riding tour on elephants and nature around you. Here you will learn how to create a painting on an Elephant. What you have to do is to take out the brushes and colors and show the hidden painter inside you.
You can even Play with Elephants and give them a shower. They will love it, and make your trip more memorable. While elephant feeding is the easiest and joyful way to make Elephants happy and you will also get Bananas for feeding Elephants. Jungle Safari is a special type of service where you will get the thrilling Elephant ride through the areas and jungles near Amer and Nahargarh Fort.
When we move forward to EleJungle Restaurant then every dish has its own story from the traditional recipes to modern updates. The cooks and chefs have left the mark on the kitchen. The menu is inspiration all around, in new ingredients, new approaches, and fresh takes on old standards. Its menu range starts from Non-Vegetarian to Vegetarian Indian cuisines.

You will get an unforgettable lifetime EXPERIENCE with our various elephant activities! Whether it’s the EleJungle Elephant rides in jaipur And Restaurant in Jaipur, you will get the best services.

Elefanjoy Jaipur Or Elephant Rides in Jaipur:

Elefanjoy is one of the oldest, popular and well-renowned organizations of Jaipur. They provide services for more than a decade in the field of Elephant Tourism like Elephant Ride, Elephant Safari, and Elephants treatment. You can enjoy the nature walk of getting along with the nonchalant animals and walk through the tranquil environment for a soul-stirring adventure for elephant activities. The wonderful thing is that you have to spend your treasured time with these elegant elephants at the Elephant village in Jaipur. Elefanjoy provides you the best elephant ride & safari in Jaipur and surrounding places. If you are looking for an elephant ride in Amber fort then you can go for an elephant ride in Amber Fort.

Amer Fort Elephant rides in jaipur Price:

The Amer Fort Jaipur Elephant Ride Price starts from Rs 1.000 for two people. While elephants take approximately 20-30 minutes to slowly trudge up the hillside to the main courtyard. The Jaipur government fixes these rates. If you are facing some issues in booking tickets as some touts trying to sell more expensive pre-booked rides are simply conning visitors. In Jaipur, there are approximately 80 elephants that can carry 900 visitors per day.

Amber Fort Elephant rides in jaipur Online Booking:

Visitors who are interested in booking tickets online then you can visit the official site of elefriend as they provide online booking. Once you visited the page of the booking form then you can fill up all the details here and choose the package that you want to go for. You will get all your booking details on the mobile phone and enjoy your ride.
If you are facing any issue in getting the tickets then Amber Fort elephant rides in jaipur Online Booking is quite easy, you can do it in a few seconds.

Dera Amer Elephant rides in jaipur:

Dera Amer is a place for both domestic and wild animals. This is the perfect spot for visitors who wish to escape the city. This is an area of preserved wilderness and natural beauty whilst creating a sanctuary for animals to live and for humans to enjoy. You will get an alternative hospitality experience in Jaipur and enjoy the agricultural way of living. This place has a positive effect on the environment and the local communities around them. All the animals live in a natural environment for them – rather than the bustling streets of Jaipur. You can enjoy the dera amer elephant safari in Jaipur.

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