Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

A Complete Guide on Pushkar Camel Fair 2020-21

Essential Festival Guide: Pushkar Camel Fair 2020-21

Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

The Pushkar Mela may be also referred to as the Pushkar Camel Fair is a unique celebration of the sweetness of their coveted “ship of the desert” – the camel alongside another cattle. it’s estimated that quite two lakh people from all around the world visit this unique fair, which mainly focuses on trading camels and cattle, camel races which are the most attraction and a spread of other cultural performances and art exhibits.
The scene is about as if you’ve got flipped the pages of a history book back a couple of pages – large arid desert fields dotted with crowds of excited people in colorful clothes and turbans, camel and other cattle all around as far as your eyes can see waiting altogether their magnificent glory, dressed with colorful saddles and bejeweled with embellishments. Such is that the setting of the world’s largest fair that’s held at Pushkar around 10 km far away from Ajmer in Rajasthan, at the sting of the Thar Desert.

Pushkar Camel fair 2020 dates

Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

One of the most important and hottest festivals in India (and that’s saying something), the Pushkar Camel Fair, or Pushkar Mela, takes faraway from the hustle and bustle of Rajasthan’s cities. There are more than Thousands of camels, cattle, and horses descend on the sand dunes of holy Pushkar to be traded by villagers and seen by worldwide travelers.

The festival is the maximum amount of a business venture for farmers and shepherds, because it may be a spiritual celebration of epic proportions.

The Pushkar Camel Fair is directly linked to the Hindu calendar. This annual 14-day festival takes place within the initiate to the complete moon within the auspicious Hindu month of Kartik (October and November), the foremost prosperous time to absolve past sins. During this moon phase, locals bathe within the holy waters of Pushkar Lake, hoping their wishes will come true.

The fair has two components: camel trading and non-secular rituals. The camel trading—which is that the main attraction for tourists—happens at the start of the festival, with competitions and activities. Rajasthan Tourism conducts a politician program of events. Towards the top, the main target shifts to spiritual ceremonies.

The official future dates of the Pushkar Camel Fair 2019, 2020, and 2021 are given below:

In 2019, the Pushkar Camel Fair is going to be held from November 4 to 12.
In 2020, the Pushkar Fair is going to be held from November 22 to 30.
In 2021, the Pushkar Fair is going to be held from Veterans Day to 19.

These dates mark the time when government-sponsored cultural activities happen. However, if you’re curious about seeing the camels (and other livestock), decide to arrive a couple of days before the official start of the fair. Camel traders arrive early and leave early, making the beginning of the festival the simplest time to look at the animals in their elaborate decorations.
The arrival of the Camels: October 30 to November 4

Before the official beginning of the festival, camels, herders and traders come to line up camp within the sand dunes. because the days progress, the arrivals continue, the gathering grows, and lively trading takes place. this is often an excellent time for photography, as it’s possible to maneuver around freely and observe the scene.

By the fourth or fifth day, the sand dunes are at their most crowded and therefore the vibe is hopping with camels, horses, traders, herders, and livestock.
Competitions and Activities: November 5 to 12

As more people come to Pushkar, the festivities start to unfold. Competitions, Camel races, like “the best mustache” and bridal competitions, and artisan activities happen at the fairgrounds. The atmosphere becomes lively with vendors, musicians, gypsies, camel carts, rides, and tourists. Around this point, the camels and traders start disappearing back to the desert as their business concludes.

The town of Pushkar also starts to swell especially around the temples—during the prime fair days of Pushkar Mela, as pilgrims arrive to participate in religious offerings at the Camel Fair. Official events for tourists continue at the stadium, and folk dances, music performances, funfair rides, and other entertainment— including turban-tying contests—carry forward, entertaining visitors and locals alike.
Religious Ceremonies: November 10 to 12

A few days preceding the complete moon, the town is busy with pilgrims. Bhajans (devotional hymns) and non-secular ceremonies happen at the varied temples around town. a spiritual festival honoring Lord Brahma (the creator) becomes the middle of the celebration. And then, on the holy full-moon night, thousands of pilgrims gather to wash within the lake and absolve themselves of sin, drawing the fair to an in-depth. A grand finale of Pushkar events includes a maha aarti (worship with fire) by the lake and a fireworks display.

Special Attractions and activities at the Pushkar Fair 2020-21

Most of the activities and celebrations at the fair happen at the designated fairgrounds, which may be a huge mass of arid land located at the intersection of the Brahma Temple Road and therefore the National Highway 89. the most attractions at the fair, needless to mention, are the camels. they’re dressed and decorated with colorful saddles, jewelry, and other embellishments and exhibited for the trade, there are other unique practices surrounding the camels exhibited at the fair that help to market the virility of every animal, like – shaving camels, camel races, beauty pageants, camel parades, camel dance and therefore the enthralling auctioning of those magnificent animals that form an integral a part of Rajasthan’s livelihood within the desert.
Apart from the unique show of the camels, there’s a whole carnival of celebrations at the fairgrounds that draws all the people from the encompassing towns and villages of Pushkar. Several cultural performances of music and folk dance alongside unique performances by magicians and snake charmers are often witnessed at this bohemian celebration of coexistence between man and animal.
There also are carousel rides without which, no fair is complete and an array of Indian snacks and sweets to sample at the fair. A full list of all the events to require place at the fair are released by the Rajasthan Tourism Ministry and is quickly available from the hotels and places of accommodation at Pushkar and even at the knowledge desks at the fairgrounds.
There is also a singular competition of mustaches at the fair, where men with varying lengths of primed mustaches compete for the prize and prestigious title of the foremost beautiful mustache. aside from this, the camel beauty pageant with comically shaved camels decorated with beautiful embellishments is yet one more pride and joy of the festival and a particular must-see.

What to do in Pushkar Camel Fair 2020-21

The Pushkar Mela is that the world’s biggest cattle fair there are other events also that are main highlights of this Pushkar Camel fair too. These activities and events will drill and enhance the whole experience of the fair and can leave you with some unforgettable memories.

(a) The Harmony Half Marathon

The Harmony Half Marathon is one that you simply wouldn’t be missing in Pushkar Mela. This year the run will follow an equivalent route of 21.1 Kms, ranging from Dargah Ajmer Sharif and ending at the Pushkar Stadium ground. this is often the second edition of the Harmony Half Marathon. The primary edition was held in 2020 and this year the numbers for participation are expected to grow to much larger.

(b) Hot Air Ballooning

Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

This is one of the simplest things to try to within the Pushkar camel Fair. See the fair from a bird’s eye perspective while on an enormous hot air balloon kilometers up within the sky. This isn’t an activity for the faint-hearted but may be a thrilling experience that gives unmatchable panoramic views of the fair and therefore the surrounding desert land. There are other activities that include quad-biking around the desert a touch farther from the fairgrounds and horse safari, which are exciting avenues to explore the unique terrain and obtain the adrenaline flowing.

(c) Cattle Fair 2020

camel ride in jaipur

The cattle fair is one among the main highlights of Pushkar Festival, Rajasthan. There are camels, cows, goats, horses, and sheep all decked up in vibrant colors to be sold and purchased.

(d) Delightful Handicrafts

Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

During the Pushkar Mela, there is a spread of traditional stalls. With numerous women around the Pushkar camel fair, showcases traditional silver ornaments, garments of patchwork, bead necklaces from Nagaur, colorful Rajasthani fabrics and footwear, printed textiles from Ajmer.

(e) Elevated Sitting Area

This year the Pushkar Fair has specially designed for the Elevated Sitting Arena with tented viewing galleries for tourists. Designed with full comfort in mind, This arena has all the modern amenities which visitors may require to enjoy their Pushkar mela experience. This includes a clean and hygienic sitting environment, comfortable settings, a lounge-like atmosphere and a tremendous view of the town.

(e) The Camel Safari (Sunset Safari) in Pushkar Mela

Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

This may be an exciting feature of the Pushkar Fair, tourists can take a ride of camels around the Pushkar fairgrounds which is a unique experience with the undulating sand dunes and therefore the desert terrain. The views of the dunes, especially during sunrises and sunsets, are mesmerizing and one among the foremost beautiful activities one can partake in during the festival.

(f) Holy Dip

The Pushkar lies in the fact that Lord Brahma the creator, once performed a sacrifice for creation of the universe. The flower struck at Pushkar and the water sprang up from there giving shape to the sacred lake of the Pushkar Mela. Each year during Pushkar Mela, perform religious activities and pilgrims come to the lake.

Where to Stay During Pushkar Mela

Pushkar camel fair Rajasthan worlds largest camel fair

Chances prices will be very high during the Pushkar Fair times, so advance booking is suggested. Accommodation ranges from simple guesthouses to luxury tents, five-star resorts and hotels, to heritage hotels, and farm stays.

Popular accommodations include ­– Ananta Resort, Jagat Palace, Lohana Village Resort, Dera Masuda, Bhanwar Singh Palace, Vela Resort and more.

Best Hotels in Pushkar for the Camel Fair in your Budget

(a) Hotel Everest

Hotel Everest may be a budget traveler’s favorite! It’s rare to listen to anything negative said about it. Rooftop restaurant with fresh foods and superb views, friendly staff, clean rooms, and brightly painted interiors all make it stand out from the remainder. The hotel is conveniently located around halfway between the fairground and therefore the main bazaar. Rooms are normally priced from 800 rupees per night, plus tax for a double. Expect to pay 4,500 rupees upwards per night for a double during the Pushkar camel fair.

(b) Hotel Moonlight

Hotel Moonlight is owned by two brothers and has approx 10 spacious rooms, traditionally decorated with colorful Rajasthani handicrafts and paintings. Half the rooms have private balconies, while the opposite half overlook the fairground. All have attached bathrooms and predicament. There’s also a rooftop terrace where the delicious dinner and lunch is served. Expect to pay 2,200 rupees per night, plus tax, upwards during the Pushkar camel fair. (Normal rates start from 500 rupees per night). It’s great value, clean and most significantly cheerful, and cozy.

(c) Aroma Hotel

Hotel Aroma is simply a couple of minute’s walks faraway from camel fairground. There are approx 12 rooms, all with TV, predicament and attached bathrooms. Some even have air-con. Plus, the hotel features a groovy rooftop restaurant that overlooks the road. Normal room rates start from around 800 rupees per night, plus tax, but jump to 4,350 rupees per night during the fair.

(d) Hotel Mama Luna

Hotel Mama Luna may be a basic budget hotel located on the brink of the lake and around 5 minutes’ walk from the camel fairground. it’s approx 14 rooms, free wireless Internet, groovy common area to relax call at, and a leafy rooftop restaurant. Expect to pay 2,300 rupees, plus tax, upwards per night during the camel fair. (Normal rates start from 500 rupees per night).

Stay Away From Scam

Since the fair attracts a mixture of various people, there could also be several money-making scams so keep your eyes open and avoid offers that appear too good to be true, likelihood is that they’re for a reason.
it’s likely that you’re going to be approached by Brahmins or Hindu priests who will offer you a blessing (even if you do not want it or comply with it) and invite an outsized donation reciprocally. There can also be beggars and gypsies at the fairgrounds but a stern no should be enough to dissuade them from pestering you. they’re going to pressure you to ante up and even threaten to call the police. it is also common for locals to return and provides you flowers or flower petals, then demand an outsized sum of cash. make certain to firmly avoid anyone who approaches you.

How to reach Pushkar Mela (Pushkar Camel Fair)

Ajmer is the closest railway station, which receives long-distance Indian Railways trains. The train line linking Ajmer and Pushkar opened in early 2012. The Ajmer-Pushkar Passenger departs Ajmer at 9.50 a.m. and arrives in Pushkar at 10.50 a.m. It’s an unreserved train, so you cannot book tickets beforehand. The fare is 10 rupees. The train doesn’t run on Tuesdays or Fridays.

Otherwise, if you pass road, it is a windy 30 minute drive through the aptly named Snake Mountain (Nag Parbat) to Pushkar. The local buses are dilapidated and crowded but the fare is reasonable and therefore the journey is extremely authentic (translation, rather rough). Buses depart from the bus terminal, also as near the railroad station (walk across the pedestrian overpass to the other side of the road).

One-way from Ajmer to Pushkar during a taxi usually costs 500-600 rupees but is often more during the camel fair. Negotiate hard! Otherwise, try app-based cab services Ola and Uber, which are now available within the area and charge less. Or, pay a few hundred rupees for an auto-rickshaw.

Alternatively, the closest airport is in Kishangarh, about 40 minutes northeast of Ajmer. it had been inaugurated on October 11, 2017. The airport currently receives flights from Hyderabad, Delhi, and Ahmedabad operated by SpiceJet. and the other opposite option is the airport in Jaipur, around two and a half hours away. Taxi fares to Pushkar can more during the Pushkar Fair. Expect to pay about 3,500 rupees from Jaipur. Do check Uber and Ola for better rates (the usual fare is about less than 200 rupees).

Other Similar fairs in Rajasthan

While the Pushkar fair is one of the biggest and incomparable to other fairs, Similar but Smaller Fairs in Rajasthan Like – Mewar Festival in Udaipur, Elephant Festival at Jaipur, and Desert Festival at Jaisalmer, Chandrabhaga Fair in Jhalawar, the Kolayat Fair near Bikaner with similar celebrations that happen in the same time.

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